RGB Mini Monome

I have just got working my RGB Mini Monome. This use an Arduino a single TLC5940 multiplexed in a 4x4 array and home made illuminated switch buttons. The normal Monome will not do colour so existing patches work in any colour you care to set, you can even set what the"off" colour is. I also wrote some Processing code to flash different colours.
To do:-
I have to hack into "Arduino serial" to add extra OSC commands to handle colour and implement them in the Arduino.
I have to finish the web site with all the construction details.

But in the mean time have a look at the video

That's a beauty.

I especially like the bit of the video where all the LED's are different colors, and the top wodden piece is not on. Looks seriously cool.

That's a really neat project!

I'm looking forward to seeing the details.

It's a awesome develop. It's a nice solution for the inside led in bottons.


OK Just got the web site up:- :slight_smile:


It has all the info including schematics an software.

Any questions then please ask.

My dear Grumpy_Mike, I already told you that in another thread but just in case... "Great project! I really enjoy the way you explain your works. Nice, clear and clean!"

Question: Where did you bought the TLC5940 in the UK? Can't find any...


Thanks for the comments.
UK source:-

but there is a minimum order (I think in the £25 region), so either get a lot or get something else as well.

Nice project. I'm trying one myself !

Hi, i'm new to all this world of adruino and musical, visual effect. I liked the idea of the monome clone and i started to build one my self. My project is based on what you put on your website, i like the design. I'm currently waiting for my TLC and i'm finishing the box.

I used Arcade buttons with 3 leds inside ( can't find RGB common anode in store ) So i made RGB leds with 3 led :).

Here's The box With 30mm holes painted Black.

And this is the beginning of the assembly :

As i said, i first tried to get RGB led so i made a single hole in the senter of the button, now i resized it with the dremel to get the 3 leds inside instead of a single one.

If you want to see the RGB custom here's the link :

I'll send more infos as the projkect is evolving. I'm sure i'm gonna have some question for the software communication programming