RGB RF Remote Controller and RF Decoder for Arduino


I would like to know if anyone ever tried to use an RF controller such as the ones used to control RGB bulbs and strips, with an Arduino. My intention is to buy a remote such as this RF Remote, and receive its commands on an Arduino.

I've come across this topic from 2014 but it didn't have any answers so i wanted to restart the discussion to see if anyone found a solution since apparently this type of remote didn't work with the RC Switch library and these 433MHz Wireless Modules

I dont have a preference between 434 MHz and 2.4 Ghz band, but i'm guessing with the first i can get a cheaper receiver.

I have also found this tutorial but i dont have the parts to test it and i didnt want to order them without having an idea if it might work.

Has anyone tried something like this recently?


The Milight remote control in your link is using 2.4 Ghz.

You can try this free "RFLink Gateway" project:
It is a multi frequency and multi protocol Arduino Mega based solution for a RF gateway to home automation software.
It works with various packages, like domoticz.com and jeedom.com.

You do not need to build the whole solution for the Milight devices.. just a mega and a 75 cent NRF24L01 are sufficient.

The "RFLink Gateway" recognizes hundreds of 433mhz protocols, various 868mhz and several 2.4ghz protocols and is the most advanced solution around.