Im doing a work to school but i’m having a lot of problems trying to make the program to use and make it work, i want to control a led strip from my androidphone using an hc-06 to send the signal to the arduino to send to the RGB strip, but i dont know how to make the program i’m having much problems, can someone help me with that pls ? it can be here or in skype or in facebook, i juse need to make this work and i need help cause i try it alone and i see i cant do it!

i want to control a led strip

Which one? How is it connected to the Arduino?

Which Arduino is it?

using an hc-06 to send the signal to the arduino

I thought your Android was sending the DATA. What data is it sending? Is it paired to the HC-06? How is the HC-06 connected to the Arduino.

but i dont know how to make the program

Which program? The one on the Android or the one on the Arduino?

i try it alone

What HAVE you accomplished?

Arduino Uno R3

The led Strip: 12V 5050Led

I want a android app to send the colors to the HC-06 and the arduino makes the led strip makes the color i've send.

I dont know how to make the arduino program, the android program can be anyone or must be a new program only to that program ???

i got 1 rgb program that i download from google but i dont know how to make that turn on and off with the HC-06, i dont know how to join programs together to make only 1 program

If I understand correctly, you have a mysterious LED strip that is not well suited to the Arduino.

You have no idea how to program the Android to send data, and don't seem to know what data needs to be sent.

You don't have the Android paired to the bluetooth device, which isn't actually connected to the Arduino.

And, you don't have any code to get the data from the bluetooth device and send it to the LED strip.

You need to start by making a list of the things you do not know how to do. Make the list as detailed as possible. Pick ONE thing from the list. Try to do it. When you do that, you'll find more things that you don't know how to do. Keep adding to the list, and removing items from the list, until the list is empty (or until you just pitch the list in the trash).