RHT03 and D18B20 compatibility

At my temperature control project i am going to use the RHT03 humidity/temperature sensor and the D18B20 sensor. From the datasheets i see that both of them are One-wire devices so in order to save some digital ports on my arduino i would like to place them at the same digital pin. But from reading the datasheet of RHT03 (http://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/datasheets/Sensors/Weather/RHT03.pdf) there is this line

"MaxDetect 1-wire bus is used for communication between MCU and RHT03. ( MaxDetect 1-wire bus is specially designed by MaxDetect Technology Co., Ltd. , it 's different from Maxim/Dallas 1-wire bus, so it's incompatible with Dallas 1-wire bus.)"

Does that mean i can't use the same digital pin or do i have to use an extra library?

protocol differs indeed.

check the dht22 - Arduino Playground - DHTLib - dht22~~rht03

The OneWire is a "bus".
The RHT03 uses a single pin for communication, but I would not call it a "bus".
You can not combine them.

ok many thanks