Ribbon cable - connect to breadboard

I have a keyboard from a boombox I'd like to set up as a more or less permanent input to the Arduino. I have the key-to-connector wiring mapped out but I'm stumped how to connect the processor and cable. I thought to:

  1. pull the board connector out of the B box and use that but there's very little wire to attach to.

b. separate the exposed ends with a knife and solder on jumpers. This seems very fragile.

What have others done?

For reference, the coin is a U.S. twenty-five cent piece.

That's a flat-flex cable, you can get flat-flex connectors. Note that are many different pitches (spacings)
for flat-flex.

You mention 'permanent'..

WHy not just solder on some header pins to it?

If you want the 'plastic' housing.. you may need to get some 1.27mm spaced ones (not sure if your flat flex cable has 2.54mm spacing or what)..

but you should be able to hand solder on some 'header pins' (with or without plastic housing) to make a connection for the breadboard..

WHy not just solder on some header pins to it?

Header pins.

homer simpson doh.png

This is the PCB side, it looks like 1mm pitch on the cable to me. I think I'll go with separating the conductors, to gain some freedom of movement, solder and glop some RTV on for security. Thanks!



homer simpson doh.png