ridiculously stupid LED cube question

I apologise for how silly this must sound, I'm completely new to arduino and in the process of developing a character for a digital storytelling class.

I was wondering if the type of LED I buy to make a 3x3x3 LED cube makes a difference. The ones I'm looking at now have these specs:

_ * 3.5v DC_ _ * 20 ma_ _ * 6000K C0ol white_ _ * 12,000 Mcd_ Japanese Chips Grade A To use these directly on 12v DC (Not Automotive) remove the long leg of the led and replace it with a 12v resistor found in the resistor section of the site. To use these on an automotive application use the 12v stronger resistor as this will keep the led safe upto 14.5v

I was also wondering if it's easy enough to connect the LED cube to a distance sensor, which dims the LEDs when someone gets closer to them.

Thank you in advance!

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That spec looses something in the translation. ;)

I am not sure if you want to use them on 12V. But use them as you would any other white LED.

which dims the LEDs

Most LED cubes don't use dimming they are multiplexed to minimize the number of connections you need. Do you need to dim the LEDs individually or all together? Likewise I assume you want to have individual controll over if an LED is on or off. See:- http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/LEDCube3x3

I'd want to dim all the LEDs altogether. I am using this distance sensor - http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?category=2&product_id=2008

I just want to know if it's possible.

Thank you for your quick reply!

I'd want to dim all the LEDs altogether

In that case it is relatively simple. Yes it is possible.