RIFD question___

where can I find info about the type EM4001\EM4100 \EM4305..etc...?
i can have very small glass tags at 125khz but EM4100....
i would like to understand the differences...
Consider that I just need to read if a tag is in the vicinity of the antenna...for now I do not even care to read the code of the tag...

Well you can search on line, but the access control industry is a pretty closed shop. There is big money to be made. For example one RFID reader I designed had £10 worth of components in it and it sold for £300 +.

This was always the bible for information, way more than you need to know and expensive but good

:no_mouth: yes, the price is definitely high....but it will certainly be worth it....also as my grandmother used to say: money spent on books is never wasted :+1: :+1:

True, but only true if you actually read them. Sometimes I think my students had the attitude that if they had the book it would somehow transfer its contents to your brain.

:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: When I was a student, I thought the same way .... Now that I have been working for 20 years in automation and robotics and practically every day I have to study something new because my bosses sell all different projects, I realise that unfortunately I have not yet been able to find a book with this "function" ........ but I am still looking for one. :grinning:

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