Right angle female headers?

Hey all,
I was on the ogi lumin site and saw that they were using some right angle female headers for board to board connection. Perhaps I am blind, but I have been searching for the past couple of nights for the part and can not find anyone who has such a thing. I can not imagine that it is a custom part. I have wanted this kind of thing for a while, so I have to think that SOMEONE has to have it. Sure, you could just bend the pins on a standard vert set, but these appear to have extra length. (they look really nice too, and our stuff should look kick ass too, right?)


It's a "Tail option" on Samtec's SSW line of connectors (for example; I imaging other manufacturers do similar things.)

Samtec is a great manufacturer; been in business forever, generous with samples, generally helpful and communicative, and available through digikey.

Woohoo!!! Thanks.

you can get them through farnell, and rapid in the UK, try searching for pcb connectors or pcb headers!