Rising Drum riser

Hey guys, sorry for the vague topic, but I'm doing a project for my graphics class and it's a drum riser, picture below: and one of the specifications for this brief is that the unit can raise to reveal (and unlock) wheels, effectively making the riser transportable. What makes this more complicated than it sounds is that it has to rise/lower once the drum kit is setup.

In theory what needs to happens is when the kit is setup on the riser, it records that weight (or the user somehow inputs the weight), and if there's a significant change in weight, it will lower so that the wheels are locked and the bottom of the riser is touching the ground, making it immovable, and same for when the weight is lost, it would raise.

So I'm guessing if it's feasible to do this with an arduino so that a user can input/modify the base weight, then for the arduino to check for change, and if so power the pistons making the (external frame of the) riser, raise/lower. Also to note is the wheel base is seperate to the actual riser itself, so there's a frame with the wheels attached, of which the top is bolted to the riser frame, if you get what I mean. I've already got idea's for using load cells to get the weight, the piston setup and frame design done, but everything else is a little unclear to me.

Sorry for the wall of text, hopefully if anyone has any words of wisdom, it should cover every aspect :) Thanks heaps in advance.