RJ45 Breakout Board - Eagle file needed

I need someone to do the design for a very straightforward RJ45 breakout board. I can pay you thru paypal 50% upfront, 50% when the boards come back and get tested OR I can pay you in boards - up to you. You do the design, I pay for the boards.

I want to take a jack like this :

And break it out to spring terminals like these (2 sets of 4 pins, 0.1 inches each spaced a bit apart) :

The only other requirement is that there be four screw holes (m3 or m2) so that the board could be firmly anchored down. Be nice if the jack stuck out a bit on one side of the board so it could fit thru an opening in a case (like the USB port on the UNO does)

Very similar to this :

I'm a software guy not a hardware guy and I need 100+ of these. I could spend a lot of time doing my first design and cross my fingers hoping I got it right, or I can try to find someone here.

If this first design works out I might also like to do another design with 2 and 4 and maybe even 8 jacks.

PM me.

I can handle this for you. Sending PM!

Thanks to everyone who replied on this - I did find someone to do this.