RN-41 Bluetooth Module


I need to program the rn-41 to work in a master auto discovery mode and also want it to consume very little power.I read the documentation about programming it but when I try to program it through the hyperterminal it just doesnt do anything.

What is the best way for me to program my Bluetooth module?

Any help/advice would be great.


Hello Mr.SK_21
Please tell me more about RN-41
I know the chip WT11 Which originally come with the bluetooth shield kit by arduino ; it’s originally developed by Bluegiga company.
So what’s about the RN-41 Is it an HCI or what?
I’ll try googling for it but also sya more details.
Good Luck

Ok I googled for it Here's the datasheet: http://www.rovingnetworks.com/documents/RN-41.pdf But i suggest for you the WT41 It's compliant with BT 3.0 and long range 1000m also support almost of the BT profiles. Anyway your question is about interfacing the Host Controller Interface I suggest you seeing the datasheet for the Arduino shield kit it may be useful : http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/arduino_bt06.pdf We could discuss the code to be downloaded on the ARM controller I thought it should be the firmware

Note:I'm newbie so take care of my information Good Luck

did you finally make the conection? because im having the same problems with the hyperterminal it doesn't do nothing when i press $$$ to enter the command mode

any help?