RN-41/Computer Connection

Dear All,

I’m using an Arduino Uno with an RN-41 to communicate using bluetooth to send data to my computer serially. I’m using a Bluetooth USB adapter to connect to my device: Bluetooth USB Module Mini - WRL-09434 - SparkFun Electronics.

I was able to open up the serial monitor on my arduino and configure the bluetooth module. I was also able to have commands I typed into my Arduino Serial port sent to the corresponding Bluetooth COM port using Hyperterminal. For example, if I typed in “Hello” on my Arduino Serial Monitor, “Hello” would show up on my Hyperterminal link.

However, in order for me to connect from the RN-41 to the computer, I need to open up the Serial Monitor, open up the Hyperterminal Monitor and then type:


If I type the above before I open up the Hyperterminal Monitor, I can’t connect.

In the end, I want to connect to my Bluetooth device without the Arduino plugged into the computer and send analog inputs read by the Arduino to the computer. Is this possible using Windows 7 or some form of Arduino code?

Thanks for the help!