RN-42 Bluetooth to Windows 7 HyperTerminal

Hi all,

I'm having a bit of a problem with a school project here.

I have two Arduino Pro Mini's connected up to a RN-42 bluetooth adapter each. The Arduino's are currently communicating via serial to the RN-42 bluetooth adapters at 9600 baud, and it all seems to be working fine.

However, when I attempt to connect to the bluetooth adapters through a COM port on Windows using HyperTerminal, it always defaults the connection speed to 2400 baud, even though I have forced the bluetooth modules to 9600 baud and set the COM port to run at 9600 baud in Windows (parity, stop bit length, byte length are all configured properly).

Because of this, I am getting garbled messages coming from my Arduino's (due to the baudrate mismatch). I was wondering if anyone else out there has had this same problem, since using the RN-42 adapters is relatively common, and how they went about fixing it (forcing HyperTerminal to communicate at 9600 baud via bluetooth).

Thanks in advance, your help is very much appreciated.