RN-42 Master to slave connection.

I have a bluetooth module RN-42 setup as master and i'm trying to connect it to my slave. I have a problem, the slave module has a PINCODE. I can't find any command to connect with adress and pin manually. Also i can't remove the PIN temporarily of the slave module. Any ideas?

Here's an idea, how about links to both master and slave modules? What code have you written? (Have a look at "stickies?" at the top of the page for how to post code).

I would like to be able to look at what you are doing but can't with the information you have provided.

Let me give you more detailes. I want to create something that controls my volume on a car navigation. I have wroten the code for that and it is working for phones. My android car navigation has a PinCode and i can't remove it to simplify things. I was interested if there was a program or command to do something like this "C,,"