RN-52 Bluetooth Remote Control

Hi All,

I am trying to use the RN-52 Bluetooth module as a remote control for a phone.

The aim that I will have the phone docked to some speakers, and playing music, and I want to be able to skip tracks, adjust volume, etc. from the RN-52 based remote. I also want to be able to answer and cancel calls from the remote and have the sound continue to come out of the speakers the phone is plugged in to.

The problem that I'm having, is that the RN-52 seems to want to stream the sound to itself. I can get it to answer a phone call and then allow the sound to come from the phone speakers, by disconnecting the active bluetooth profile, but then I can't use the volume control.

When playing music, I can get the RN-52 to skip tracks and play/pause while the sound comes out of the speakers, but the volume commands do nothing.

Can someone give me some advise on how to use the RN-52, or another module to act as a remote control for a phone plugged into speakers, without it trying to stream sound back to the remote.

Thanks all.