rn41 bluetooth module

i have an rn41 (from sparkfun) bluetooth module, without any of the adapters. if i want just basic operation, is it really just a matter of hooking up the ground, tx/rx and 3.3vdc? i'm getting that impression from here:



i'm playing around with putting a bt chip onto the arduino. that's not the end goal, and i (now) know that there's one with a built-in bt chip.

i'm also (unfortunately) a software guy, but a hardware noob. so - i have the wrong rn41 (the kind not meant for a breadboard) and am trying to figure out if i can use it, or if i should eat the 50 bucks and buy one with the arduino adapter

or if i should eat the 50 bucks and buy one with the arduino adapter

Oh, you should definitely start over. Just mail me the one you bought, and I'll see that it's properly disposed of ;D

Since there are only a few pins to connect, even a relative newbie can make it usable by soldering some wires to it. If it were a more complex module, requiring lots of connections (like, say, an LCD), or a more fragile one (like a surface-mount chip), you might well want/need a "breakout" board.

Yes it will work with just tx, rx, gnd and 3v3 pins connected. But it is also well worth connecting up the status pins too (19 and 21 I think) and putting an LED+resistor on them as it helps to see when it has made and lost a connection.

hi i have a similar problem with this rn41 i connect it to 3.3v and gnd, and connect the tx and rx among themselves andi when i try to use the hyperterminal in my pc to enter the command line with $$$ doesnt happen anything

what am i doing wrong?

this is the module i'm using http://www.olimex.cl/product_info.php?products_id=378