RN41-XV Bluetooth Module and Arduino FIO V3


I am trying to setup the [RN41-XV Bluetooth Module - Chip Antenna - WRL-11600 - SparkFun Electronics] RN41-XV Bluetooth module with the Arduino FIO. I have been able to sporadically connect to and program the module, but everything is very inconsistent. My questions are:

  • What program should I use to set up the bluetooth module through the FIO.
  • How do I detect the serial write from the sketch via bluetooth on my windows pc? [What program do I use to just spit out whatever the paired bluetooth module is saying?]

Thank you for any help you can provide!

[EDIT: I am not trying to program the FIO via bluetooth, just send and receive data]

After i have spent quite a while trying to work with the module (RN42) here is how i worked it out ( i needed to configure the module to serial instead of HID):
I used the XBee Explorer Dongle to connect it to the computer with the x-ctu software, the tutorial for it found on the dongle page.
after connecting to the device with a baud rate set to 115200,
you can enter command mode writing

to set to device to serial interface mode write


tutorials that helped:

Hope it helps,

Thanks for your reply!

I have been able to program it into the serial mode. But my second question still stands, what is the best way to see what the sketch might be outputting through the bluetooth device on a PC or MAC?


Hi, i usually use serial to usb module and connect the device directly to the computer for settings, afterwards i use the BlueTerm app on android galaxy s2 as a Bluetooth monitor device. but you can use any serial software on pc such as x-ctu, both module and software can be found here https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9819.