Roadflare arduino bluetooth sequence

Hallo everybody’,

I want to make some roadflares on bluetooth that are working in sequence.
This like the pi-lit does.
I’ve already written the functions of the leds to flash with poses at 0,8 seconds,
Now I’ve looked everywhere but I don’t find how I need to program the bluetooth HC-05 because the HC-06 is only a slave.
Also I can’t work with a master because the first module I place can be the7th’ so there is no fixed sequence in the modules.
The distance between the modules is about 5 meters.
Who can help me with this?
I’m New in the bluetooth story.
Am I wright to use the HC-05 or is it better to use an ESP32?

Many thanks

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The distance between the modules is about 5 meters.

I have no idea what of what you are doing, or what a road flare is, but don’t expect more than 10m with HC-05. Further, your comments on master/slave are incoherent. The only thing that is intelligible is the number ‘7’ which might imply a network, which really rules the HC-05 out of play.

A full-bottle BLE device may be OK to address both the above issues, but WiFi would surely be a better bet. It has the added advantage of being able to talk to the outside world, which may be useful.