Roboduino fried

Hi all.

I hope that it is ok to post something about Roboduino here. I posted my problem already in the robodino forum, but with not much luck- so I try it here, as I am more than stuck. If this should be not ok, than please remove this post.

I was toying around with multicolor LEDs, and this tutorial: will post it in the next post, as I can't put in any links in my first.

It was all working really great, till I made a short circuit down, right beside the reset line-5v-pur field. I was a little taddy that morning and must have bridged 5v and pur. My Mac stated that the USB device had been removed, the multicolor LED stopped blinking. As quick reflash of the oringinal LED blinging demo showed, that flashing is still working, but I couldn't get my other LED to blink an fade again.

All three cathodes of the LED where hooked up to PWM Pins and the anode was set to ground - as shown in the tutorial. Right now it only works if I hook it up the other (normal) way, but so I can only use one color at a time (pulsing still works). I replace the LED and all three resistors, but with no luck.

Any suggestions, what I killed with my short circuit or do I oversee here somehting?

Thanks alot.

best, Dan

Here's the linkt to the setup I used:

cheers, dan