Hi all,

This is our RoboPet video made for the RobotChallenge competition, consists of an official Arduino Robot, 2 servos, 1 laser pointer, a serial bluetooth module and an android phone. All code is open source, you can check the information on the video for more details!

Thank you! The RoboPet team

Interesting, but don't/didn't see any links to useful info or code, etc. Is this just an "exhibition" post?

There are links after the description of the video, you have to click on 'Show more' otherwise it's not visible. In any case, here are the links: and

by the way, we faced many challenges with integrating connectivity (serial bluetooth module in our case) to the robot, if anyone needs help with that, feel free to drop a message!

I need help I m beginner in programming arduino! thank u for sharing code . I have compiling errors related to softserial serial when I tried to upload your programm .ino to robot control board the aim is to connect it to bluetooth hc06 module . the question if you can help me to resolve this prob: I read that you have modified the softserial libray and some heads of motor library can you share the libraries modifications ?