Robot alignment using compass and sensors?

Hello all. I’m pretty new to this stuff but learning up as fast as I can. I’ve been pondering something for a few days here and wonder if someone here can tell me if it’s possible. In thinking of something like a robot snowblower, is it possible to use a boundary wire and sensors along with compass heading info to align a wheeled or tracked chassis to a specific heading - presumably parallel to the edge of the sidewalk?

I don’t really need to know how right now, just if it’s a possibility. I could bury a BWF to cross the sidewalk as well so once we hit the end of my property it can be programmed to come back. I’m also contemplating a way to use the compass data to turn “x” degrees at specific points so I can program it to make parallel passes with minimal overlap.

Am I thinking too deep here? it seems like I should be able to manually program a route to cover my walk and drive, no?

Thanks for anyone willing to pontificate with me here.

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