Robot Arduíno

Hi.. i have the robot arduino and it was working fine... but suddenly it has stopped send sketchs to it.

It starts as always.. compiling... and sending.. but when it resets, the old sketch is still there and the give me a error after a while.

The error msg is:

Found programmer: Id = "BÅ"; type =
Software Version =
avrdude: error: buffered memory access not supported. Maybe it isn't
a butterfly/AVR109 but a AVR910 device?

I didnt change anything... in hardware.. and barely on software beetween the uploads.

Any hint on what the error might be? I guess it is something about the bootloader... but im not certain... and dont know how to solve.

Thanks for any help

I don´t known why they moved here… its not a project problem, since i was only uploading examples… and it stop sending sketchs to the robot.

Exactly the same to me.
No solution found on Web, till now.

What Arduino board are you using?

What sketch are you uploading? Post the sketch here if possible.

Are you using the Arduino IDE to compile your sketch and upload it to the Arduino board? If so, have you followed the instructions displayed when you use the Help / Troubleshooting command in the IDE? Pay particular attention to the instructions to check you have selected the correct port and the correct board type.

I have the same problem after uploading sketch M01_Logo.
I do not know how continue and I think this sketch contain some code that affects sync bootloader ??

Why not post some links to the things you are using!


I do not know how continue

Providing details of the hardware and software you are using would be an obvious first step, together with the steps that you have tried already to resolve the problem.

[RESOLVED] Today I try press double reset button while uploading any sketch and with surprise it’s work.