Robot arm, need help

Would it be possible to set up five arduinos as a slave to my raspberry pi, possibly through i2c or the usb interface? The raspberry pi would be used to generate the kinematic motion of the arm's components and move the servos accordingly. The information on how to move the servos would be sent to the arduinos and the arduinos would drive the servos. It is also possible to use the arduinos along with an galagos ? Eventually, I will be using an xbee or bluetooth module to have wireless control of the servos. Can I use a usb Bluetooth module to have the raspberry pi communicate with the arduinos wirelessly.

I also had several 10-bit 5V Analog encoders that I would like to use to determine the joint orientation. Will the arduinos be able to recognize the 5V as 1023?

Hello, don't you think 5 Arduino's is a bit much for a robot arm. How many servos are you using? I bet 1 mega would be able to handle the entire project. That would make your arm much easer to build and way cheaper! It would also be more reliable… less components to break.

Best of luck, Drew

Having 5 arduinos connected to the RPi is no problem though as Drew already said you need to ask yourself why you need it.

You can also use a bluetooth dongle on the Pi and communicate with a bluetooth module on your arduino so that too is possible but I think the biggest obstacle would be the actual communication protocol between your RPi and arduinos. For example how you will send commands like "finger 5 open half way". To be honest I don't know what the best way of doing this is myself. Especially if you plan to have several remote arduinos it might mean you need to pair with all of them and have several bluetooth virtual COM ports maybe? How would commands be sent? through firmata? I think it's best if you explain your main goal to determine if the approach can be simpler.