Robot arm with Memory Code help

Hey guys!
I recently just built a little robot arm with two servo motors and two joysticks. It’s a little crane set up and was wondering if I can get some help with some coding. I want to be able to push down on one of the joysticks switch and make a memory of the moves I did. I was thinking of something like pushing the button First to record and then pushing the button again to preform the recorded moves and then default back to the original state. If this is something I can get help with or atleast someone get me started in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Can you provide a link to the crane you bought?
Does your crane use an arduino?

So you have an arduino, 2 servos, 2 joysticks with buttons.

And you want to be able to record a sequence of moves and play it back.

Is the data for the recording something you want to be able to play multiple times?
Is the data supposed to be kept when the arduino is powered down and back up?

Recording can be done many ways. I would think about these 2.
Many points vs. Select points.

With many point recording, in between the time that you press the button to start recording and the time you push to stop, the arduino records the position of each servo many times a second.
Lets say 10 times per second.
Then during playback, it simple tells the servos what angles to be at every 1/10 of a second, getting the servo positions from the recording data.

With select point recording, you might set one button to start and stop recording, and the button on the other joystick to record the servo positions and the time.
Then during playback, the arduino will moves the servos at a calculated speed so they arrive precisely at the time into the recording that you hit the point button.

I have added a third servo motor to control a claw arm at the end of the crane to grab stuff. So 3 servo motors and now 2 joy sticks. One joystick controls two servos the base and the arm and the second joystick now controls the claw at the end of the arm. I am thinking of going with the many points options. I don't want the data kept when the Arduino powers back on and I want it to preform the recording 5 times and that's it. If you would like me to upload the code I have now running I can. Mind you I am very new to coding, I am an Electrician and this stuff just fascinates and I have been getting into Arduinos and coding for about a year now so I am very very new. I appreciate the help