robot chassis?


so I am building an autonomous robot with an ultrasonic sensor and I need a chassis for the build. I already have the dc motors and wheels, but I can't seem to find a chassis-only kit. I searched the forum and various arduino-related stores, but with no luck. So here I am asking for help.


something like this but without the dc motor, wheels and battery holder.

Thanks in advance

Like one of these?

A project that might be worth a look.

Like one of these?
Pololu Robot Chassis RRC01A

Yeah something like that, unfortunately I’m not from the US so the shipping would be more than the price of the chassis, but thans for the link.

Hi, If you order one of these from (complete the order but do not pay), and email I will change the price to $5 and have the motors taken out. But depending on the shipping you choose (slower=cheaper) it may not be a good deal??

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