Robot control

Hello, since this is my first post, i am not really sure how to make this clear or if this is even the right forum to post.

I want to control a 4 wheeled robot with 2 motors ( a tank idea).
because this is the first time i'm doing a project with controlling motors i could use some help.
the robot needs to be controlled with an ps3 controller and needs to go forward, backwards, left and right.

does somebody know what parts i need to make this possible?
with parts i mean, shield, modules and that kind of stuff

Hello there!

This seems like an interesting project. I am doing a similar project as well and have had some ideas.

First off, you will need a motor shield to provide power to the two motors you are using. If you plan to have DC motors, I would recommend the Pololu MC33926 Dual Motor Shield as it is designed to plug into an Arduino, but can be controlled separately.

As for the controller, that's another story. For my project I am using a wired xbox 360 controller. What you could try to do is see how the signals are sent from the controller to the console and see if that can be "hijacked" for your project. What I did for mine was to remove the microcontroller from the pcb on my controller, and solder wires from the different button pads, trigger potentiometers, and joystick potentiometers and routed those to the outside back of the controller where they plug into an Uno. I then take in that data, filter it, and then transmit using a 434MHz transmitter. The data is sent to a corresponding receiver that takes in the data and uses it, and some equations, to determine speed and direction.

Let me know what you think.

First choose/size your drive section and motors, only then can you sensibly choose a driver for the motors.
You've said nothing about how large and heavy this robot is, so there's no useful information for
recommending any components for it.

Order of design: basical mechanicals first (size, layout, weight, torque/speed), then motors/gears,
then controllers for the motors, then each can be the right size and power.