Robot controller


I'm going to be building a robot, and I have realized that my Arduino Uno will not have enough ports. I need a different board, and I'm thinking about this one (link below), but I have a few questions.

  1. Would I program it the exact same way?

  2. Would my old programs work on it?

  3. Would it be faster?

  4. Could my programs be longer?

Thanks, Drew Davis

  1. Yes, with the exception of some register-specific stuff.

  2. Probably yes. If you only used the Arduino language to access the hardware and the official libraries, your code will work. If you did low level register poking, you probably know what you do and can adapt accordingly.

  3. No. Both are running on 16MHz and use the same instruction set.

  4. Yes. The ATmega328 of the UNO has 32kB of flash memory while the ATmega2560 has 256kB. It also 4 times more SRAM, so you have more space for variables and buffers.

Thank you!