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Hi im after a code for my project i have a arduino uno and 2 ×16led neopixel ring im struggling to make a code for the eyes to blink the colour blue identicle to the vid added they need to blink between 30 and 40 seconds on the video many thanks Omnibot 200 Mod Progress - Robots - Community - Synthiam

im struggling to make a code for the eyes to blink the colour blue

What have you tried so far ?

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this forum is for learning and to help you learn to write code for yourself. People in this forum don't generally write your entire code for you. if that's what you are looking for then there are plenty other places to find programmers for hire.

if this is something you are interested in doing yourself please post where you are stuck.
do you have the compiler installed?
do you know what libraries you need?
what tutorials are you following?
what have you written so far?

Can’t you start with the source code provided with that video?
I had to comment out some of the libraries I could not find but I did get it to compile without error.

sketch_dec15a.ino (49.9 KB)