robot game - Sensible Shoes (concept stage)

I want to build a four legged radio controlled arduino robot with wobbly legs.
My goal is to be lead designer on a series of robot games, and to display them.
I was hoping to let the player control the robot via 4 joysticks to make the legs walk and a track ball to control the position of the weight.
I’m not interested in using wheels.
I was thinking of using a sphere above each foot.
The environment will also be arduino controlled.
The environment will get progressively more difficult to negotiate as the game continues.
The environment is a spinning circle with rising obstacles.

When the project is funded I plan to put together an experienced team.
I plan on hiring a conceptual illustrator to get my ideas for the project down on paper.
Also a robotics consultant as I have not built a robot before.
Also a 3d Modeller so I can see the feasibility of the project’s movements.
Also a welder to put the metal parts together.

Right now I’m looking to get some feedback at the concept stage.
Please any advice would be appreciated.

The initial design document summary follows:

The main mode of this project is a two-part mechanical artwork encased in a large glass box.
The first part is a robot on wobbly legs. The robot has cables - safety cables, to keep the puppet standing up. When the puppet lands in an orientation that would normally (without the safety cables) lead it to fall down, there are sensors which tell the system to go into fall mode. In fall mode, the light in the box turns off, the robot is dragged back to start position and the video is sent a signal to trigger the fall down scenario (where a stunt person on the Sensible Shoes ride falls down.)

The second part of the mechanical artwork is the environment. The environment is circular and becomes progressively more difficult to negotiate. The environment is much larger than the robot (the size of a computer desk).

The mechanical environment is circular so it is infinite as when it reaches the end, it starts from the beginning again.

My original plan was to have a puppet on cables instead of wires and one that could walk on two legs.
But I decided that it would be easier to build a four legged robot than an electronic puppet.

I have a few designs for the original concept of the walking module.
These designs won’t be used as they won’t work, but I will be using them for an animation to be displayed beside the robot game.

OriginBug: Right now I'm looking to get some feedback at the concept stage.

I don't quite get how that mechanism would work, but it seems to me that you have a concept but currently none of the skills to implement it. Being a 'lead designer' is a commendable goal, but that's not a job that you can simply jump into with no skills or experience. I suggest you start with something simple and just have a go at getting something working. Along the way you will find out whether this is a job you enjoy and whether you want to do more of it, and whether you're good enough at it to earn a living at it.

thanks for the tip.