Robot hand project - how to choose the right parts (servos etc.)?

Hi everybody,

I'm planning to build a prototype robot hand (something like in the picture below) which would be controlled by my own hand movements via Wii Nunchuk-controller. The main goal is to program hand movements in the memory so the hand could do different kinds of movement by its own. I have read couple of books about the hole Arduino thing and searched dozens of net sites, but I still need some advice for some issues.

I have already designed mechanical components to the hand but I just don't know how to choose the right servos for this purpose. I would need four servos, one for the bottom to move the hole base and three for the other joints. Could you suggest some (reasonable priced) servos for this purpose? Robots movements should be quite accurate, I would like it to move smooth and steady without shaking. Was there also some other component to make servos movements smooth I should get or is it just something to notice when I program the code? Choosen servos wouldn't need to have much torque, the smoothness is the only thing I'm looking for.

What about those shields and servo controllers? Do I need any of them with this project? When the robot is ready I'm going to add different kind of sensors to it. Will I need shield then?

I'm total beginner with this kind of stuff, but I'm eager to learn :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

EDIT. My controller for this project is Arduino Uno.

I guess the servos will be pulling on rods/cables to move the fingers. You need to decide what force and travel you need the servo to supply, and that will determine the servo torque. Then choose a servo that can provide at least as much torque as you need, and provide it with a suitable power supply.

To prove the concept you could just by any cheap hobby servo and use it to test out the sort of linkage you intend to use.