Robot - High amp draw and battery(s) question.

I'm currently working on a humanoid robot project and i'm up to 16 servo's in the legs now. The servo's amp draw is listed as:

Stall current (at lock) 3.2A 3.5A

Idle current (at stopped) 4mA 5mA

What is the question?

The 'C' rating on LiPo power packs used for model airplanes and multicopters is a measure of how fast you can discharge the battery. For a 3 Ah battery a "1C" discharge rating means you can draw 3 Amps (for an hour). Typical high-power packs are rated 20C, 30C or even 40C. For the 3 Ah battery example that would be 60A, 90A, or 120A discharge rates. Of course when discharged at those rates the charge will last 3 minutes (1/20th of an hour), 2 minutes (1/30th of an hour) or 1.5 minutes (1/40th of an hour).