Robot Project

Hi fellow members of the Arduino forum. I have had a arduino and a raspberry pi for a while now and i would like to be able to build a remote controlled robot but i need to know if what i am going to do is possible.

My plan is to have a four wheeled robot witch can be controlled using a wii remote and/or a web server. I also want a live preview from the raspberry pi camera module on the web server if possible. I would also like to add a ultra sonic module on the back and front of the robot and a buzzer to sound when It gets too near a walk or object, and i would like it to be battery powered.

If you know what parts i need please let me know and if some things are not possible

Here are some pointers to get you started:

  1. Web-cam streaming from the Raspberry Pi:

Note that streaming video over wi-fi will inevitably lead to a delay of up to a few seconds.

  1. Controlling a robot remotely via Bluetooth (including example of using ultrasonic distance sensors):
    Arduino robot controlled from an Android phone via Bluetooth – 42 Bots

You can use other Blutooth devices (like a Wii mote instead of an Android phone) with relatively minor updates.

Thanks, for the reply, it looks to be some good websites you found thanks alot :slight_smile: