Robot project

Hi everyone! I need help about how to make a project that is in my mind from many time. I'm thinking about a simple robot able to move in the direction of the people that call it. I mean that the robot should be able to recognize that I call it by the exact name and also it is able to understand the direction of the voice. I think that at minimum I need four sensor to understand the exact direction to move the robot, probably something else to recgnize the name of the robot and to move it.. Who can help me? Thank you! For more info

Speech recognition is not the most mature technology. Especially in tiny packages such as can go on a robot. However, if you do a google search, you'll find 1,000,000 links on this sort of thing.

A simpler thing to do would be to use PIR detectors, which would help the robot recognize and follow warm moving bodies, and maybe an audio amp to trigger when someone talks. IOW, start simple, then build up from there.

Thank you for the suggestion! The use of PIR detector is a really good idea in order to make more simple my project...I'm finding some information about the use of these sensors. The only problem is understand how to follow only one peolple (if there are many people the PIR detector can see more than one people) or only the people that say samething (the presence of noice can be an unexpected information).

If you have other information please tell me. Also you can use my private e-mail.

Your original idea that this would be a "simple" robot is slightly understated, :-).

First off, you're going to have to build a real robot, meaning doing all the [u]basic[/u] mechanical, electronics, computer, sensor, and software aspects involved with any robot. Right there, that's probably 5X or 10X more work that most Arduino projects attempt.

Once past the basics above, then comes the real work, proper sensors and software that works correctly. This is where many robot projects fall down. So, you already see one big problem - how to recognize and follow the one correct person, when several are running around and getting in the way? No easy answers.

You have to do the project in stages, and each stage is a learning curve that leads to the next stage.

  1. basic mobility platform and controller.
  2. forget about speech recognition until maybe 4th or 5th iteration on the project [if it ever works].
  3. add some simple sensors that get you in the right direction, to do the basic job.
  4. build from there.

I can think of several fairly easy ways to get a robot to track someone. First, PIR works if there's only 1 person, plus it's always helpful to tell if something moving is a person. Secondly, instead of the person calling it, the robot could either track a light carried by the person, or else detect a sound made by the person. The light could be an IR Led blinking at a certain rate. The sound could be like a "clicker" - ie, castanet or dog clicker, or even an ultrasonic dog whistle that people cannot hear.

All in all, you just have to do it in stages, see what works, and use what you learn at each stage to go on the the next stage. In the end, this is how you do every 'new' project. Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestions. If is not a problem I will update you about my project when I will have a good result, probably after my holiday. :slight_smile:

Yes, definitely keep the forum informed of how the project goes, or problems that show up along the way.