robot RC car

I am working on this project with kinect. I bought a rc car frame with motor and steering servo. I put the laptop an kinect on top.

The problem i have is that i cant writeMilliseconds straight into the driving motor. For example, i cant write 1550 to motor straight away. i have to do for loop (int i =1500, i<1550; i=i+5 ), motor.writeMiliseconds (i)and delay (300).

this is annoying because i need to tune pid controller and i cant write to the motor that value . it needs a for loop to start up slowly.

The rc car goes very fast 70km/h max. Please hep

Theres 1 more thing, im using ros. I have problem with lost sync to device as well

I think you mean:

  • 'steering servo' when you say 'driving motor' (?)
  • writeMicroseconds when you say writeMilliseconds (?)
  • 'can you please read my mind' when you say 'Please hep'

For ROS go to a ROS forum.

The car goes 70km/hr with a laptop and Kinect on top?

er, cool ?

But seriously, this shits me - you actually expected us to able to help?

The mind boggles, until it reaches 'ahhh, they're trolling' ...

In the case you're not trolling, some more information please:

Describe your system.

Where does the arduino fit into it?
What do you expect and what happens or doesn't happen?
What have you tried to fix it?
Post the code. (Preferably with the issue/issues boiled down to a simple example and also commented and code tagged)

The car is big with max speed of 70km/h. It has steering servo and driving motor to make the shaft turn.
i want to make human following robot using pid controller.
yes, writemicroseconds . The motor at 1500 mean stop, 2000 means max forward