Robot That Follows You

Hey guys,

I'm trying to build a robot that follows you around. I'm pretty new to this, so I'm looking for the best approach to do this. My question is this: would I use a GPS sensor or a Proximity sensor? Also, would I need servo motors?


That is far to general a question. Do you want a wheeled robot or a flying robot? How close do you want it to follow? A robot that follows anyone under any conditions is very difficult and advanced. A robot that follows a beacon that you hold or follows a set course is easier, but still not a first project, or at least not the first step.

Using 2 GPS units, one on you and one on the robot will stay within a few meters most of the time, but it might (will) crash into you if that's the only source of location info. The kind of motor and control will depend on the type of robot.

It sounds like you are new to this. I recommend starting with some basic tutorials on Arduino and simple robots then work your way up.

I'm trying to build a robot that follows you around.

I don't want you to build a robot that follows me around.

Mr. Google knows a lot about this topic.