Robotdyn Active PoE boards incompatible with Unifi PoE Switches?

I have two RobotDyn boards that can run on Active Poe: ‘Robotdyn Mega 2560 R2 ETH with W5500 Active POE’ and an ‘RobotDyn Leonardo ETH V2 with W5500 Active POE’.

I also have two Ubiquiti Unifi Switches that support Active Poe: US-8-60W supports 802.3af and my US-8-150w supports both 802.3af and 802.3at.

But when I connect the boards with an UTP cable (with 8lines) to the switches nothing happens. Are the RobotDyn Active PoE boards incompatible with the Unifi Switches?

Who has both running?

I suspect the robotdyn active PoE is not really 802.3af and 802.3at compatible.

Because 802.3af is 37 - 57 v and 802.3at is 42.5 - 57 v for the powered device (PD). I see at my switch that the 3 devices that work with PoE get 53 v. But the specifications of the RobotDyn active PoE are:

PoE type: Active (Active PoE is compliant met 802.3af or 802.3at)
Ethernet power (In): 12-48VDC Output: 9VDC

Power in is listed as 12 - 48 v, when my Unifi gives 53 v it won't work. Would this be the problem?