Robotdyn SD data logger shield **SOLVED**

** The card uses IOREF to tell whether the arduino is 5 or 3.3V. There’s no corresponding header on my old arduino but jumpering it to 5V seems to have gotten things moving**

At first it just reset the arduino (diecimilla) on inserting a card and when i reset it cardinfo just said there’s a problem with the card.

I bought it on Amazon but they are also available from the manufacturer.

I have a MEGA R3 and I bought the RobotDyn Data Logger Shield 1. What is meant by "cut off if use in Arduino Mega" on the back ? 2. Will the code from the AdaFruit site work? 3. I downloaded DS1307RTC library do I need other libraries ?

Until now I have used Windows API read/write functions for serial data logging. It is slow and unsynchronized. I can read 16 analog channels at 1 sec intervals (sometimes the first, sometimes the second sample). Repeated TX signals require more than 1500 ms wait intervals on the PC. Therefore after one TX signal arduino is sent into a continuous loop (16 channel analog read) thru a boolean. However after it is able to receive a new TX the PC can stop the process.

I need higher data sampling speed (100 ms intervals or less)