robotic arm joint designs

hi all,

I am new to robotics and arduino.

I am looking for the best place to learn about arduino and robotic arm joints.

what is best to use for robot arms.
my main issue is if using servos. is the main cog of the servo going to act as the weight bearer for the elbos or shoulder .. or is there a site to explain the different designs. ?

This guy has a lot of great videos on this topic

Usually with a simple servo that is being adapted to being used in a robot arm joint, or even those made specifically for that purpose, have a dual bearing system. Half the load is on the servo shaft, and half the load is on a bearing on the opposite side. That second bearing is either built into the arm, or built into the specialty servo. There are also some joints that have load bearing bearing onto the shaft side of the servo. Those are pretty expensive. One brand is ServoBlocks. Servo City carries a line of those. They are compact and really robust. I have used one for the rotating base on a mobile robot because it was the most compact and robust solution. I think if you are going to go that far, you had might as well ditch servos and use geared stepper motors. Because they are designed for more applications, they tend to be cheaper for the same capabilities, and they are far more precise than servos. They lack feedback, unless equipped with encoders, but feedback may not be important if you zero the arm and don't crash it (ie have some event where the pulse sent to the stepper motor no longer results in movement because the joint has reached some mechanical limit or event blocking its movement).

I have worked on a similar project where I have designed a Robotic Arm using 6 Servo Motors and Arduino Nano. I have shared the video on YouTube: Robotic Arm Control using Arduino Nano - YouTube, I think it will help in understanding the idea.

These days I am working on implementing pick and place capability in this robotic arm.

thank you for your replies. it has given a lot to research.

and a lot to think about and maybe rethink my design idea.

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