[Robotic Arm Project] Arduino Due

First of all hello everyone.

I'm not some advaced arduino user but I have a couple of projects behind. For now I have experiance with Arduinu Leonardo/Uno/Mega.

My new project is building robotic arm that involves software , that I already wrote with C# and arduino board as hardware.

For all testing and development I used Arduino Mega because of many I/O pins that I use for stepper motor, encoder, limit switches, servo.

Now I need from experiance users, like you, to share some advices. I plan to use Arduino Due for better performance then Mega, much more interrupt pins for encoders, emergency stop, limit switch and other sensors.

Now I want to know are next libraris compatible with Due:


Is there any problem with stepper motor driver that can be caused because of 3.3V output voltage? I think of step and direction signal.

Also my encoder work on 5-20V, so I will power them from external power source and whether it could damage the Arduino Due?

Thanks for any advice.