Robotic Car Arduino Project Ideas

So, my friend and I of mine are almost done creating a Robotic Arduino Car controlled via Bluetooth for a school project, but the project seems slightly incomplete. It looks awesome so far, but only the car won't cut it. We need something that will complement the project, like a race track, or something that the car can interact with, but we don't know what it could be. Does anyone have any ideas?

I agree. Right now it is not a robot, it is a remote control car. To be a robot, it must control itself.

I can think of 2 ways to make the robot control itself.

  1. Make it perform a predefined sequence of moves and turns.

  2. Give it a sensor of some kind and have it react to the input it gets from the sensor.

Perhaps the easiest idea is to add a collision sensor. A bumper or fender at the front of the car which is sprung and if the car collides with something, the spring is compressed and a button is actuated. The best type of button to use for this is known as a "microswitch" and these are available with a small roller on the end of a short arm, which can be mounted behind behind the bumper/fender. The Arduino can detect this button getting pressed, stop, back up a short way, turn a random angle to left or right and begin moving forward again.

That's a pretty good idea, and we'll try to fit that into the project. Although, I'm mostly looking for a challenge for the person "driving" the car. We might add some features so that the car controls itself, but the project's main focus is that you can control it wirelessly only by using Bluetooth from your phone. What do you think we can add as an obstacle for the person controlling the car, or just something that makes the experience more fun.

Ah, ok, I thought you wanted ideas to make it a robot (which it isn't right now).

What about equipping the car with an electromagnetic trailer hook which can also be remotely controlled? Make several "dumb" trailers which the car can drive up to, attach itself, then tow the trailer to a different position before detaching and going to the next trailer. The challenge could be to move the trailers from their start positions on a grid to some final positions, in the fastest time.

Something like this:

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