Robotic laser tag

I'm looking at making robotic laser tag....with robots based on battle tanks. Can someone please suggest some viable and cheap alternative to implement it. Someone suggested TSOP1738 but with than there is no visual effect like with lasers... Are there cheap lasers which can be integrated with arduino to make it work? And how do u sense the lasers....ldr??

I have a couple of inexpensive radio controlled tanks that have a laser tag system - each has a limited rate of fire, and a detector which causes the tank to 'die' (until it is reset) when it has received enough hits, and there are various sound effects when the tank fires, registers a hit or dies. Each tank is about 5" long and runs off a couple of AA batteries. Is that the kind of thing you're looking for? It would make a fun project to make your own, but if that is all you want then there are cheap toys available which provide this. I suppose it would be possible to take the electronics out of the tiny hull and put it in a bigger chassis if you wanted something larger scale.

No I'm looking at building it on my own rather than purchasing it ready made. This is more of a learning exercise.

I wanted to build something similar myself, It would be good fun to play with the kids. I haven't found the time yet, but its all very possible.

Not sure that a visible lazer is possible though, as an alternative you might be able to build something based on airsoft components to fire BB's

Duane B

The ones I mentioned certainly don't use real lasers and I guess they use focussed directional LEDs. They have an effective range of a few feet. If that's enough for you, you could try a similar approach.