Robotic project - hexapod with stereo vision

I am building a hexapod that uses stereo vision to navigate. So far i got 6 stepper motors connected to 3 adafruit motor shields stacked on 1 arduino UNO. I still need 2 servos (for controlling the end effector... this is not so important for now) and 2 cameras. I plan to do all the computation (tracking algorithm and control of the robot) on my pc (use arduino just to send and receive signals). The main requirement is that everything is supposed to be as small as possible (wireless is also an option) and cameras should be able to track object at 5 cm distance. Speed is not important.

My questions are: how would you suggest to connect the cameras? Can I use arduino board for this (or do i need something else)? Is it possible to connect a smartphone camera module to arduino? What would be the ideal way to connect all of this?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

It seems you need to connect the Arduino and cameras to the PC and I would aim to use the same type of connection for both. If you're using USB, you could use a USB hub to connect them both via the same physical cable. If you're looking for a wireless connection then you could use a wireless adapter for the Arduino and use wireless web cams for the video.

Hi all,
I am having the same problem: i need to create a rover which uses the stereo vision to navigate and I only have arduino UNO and Xbee to do that. The fact is that I don't know too much about this field and I don't know how to proceede. Is anybody able to help?


The Arduino UNO is not well suited to computer vision and image processing. You will need a more capable processor such as a PC or an embedded processor running Linux like an Arduino DUE or Raspberry Pi.