Robotics Research on Navigation

Hello , i am conducting a research on the navigation techniques that can be implemented using arduino before i start my project where i am required to move my robot from a point to another inside a room(indoor,hence no gps).

I came across some videos on youtube where RFID techniques is required but it seems to me that it is a whole project work in itself.

I also found line follower techniques but it seems to be more a plug and play method to move the robot around or is there a way to make a better navigation system base on line following such a grids ?

Some videos had a defined map that displays the robot navigating around the room(not those room mapping bots),is it possible to move the robot over a predefined map to a specific coordinate ?

Could someone direct me to a link or thread that explains the terms associated with localization and robotics please so i can learn more about it ?

My project is associated with IOT and a database that holds the coordinates for moving the robot to a point to perform a task there upon an event.

Note : This is my first project that involve robotics.

Better to read than watch youtube videos. Google "robot indoor navigation" for a lifetime's worth of serious reading.