I was going through the forum when i saw a robot working same as my robot but the idea is different.The topic was Of Robot Vacuum Cleaner.I have also make a Robot floor cleaner.But i saw the line "IR sensor for self recharging".Its that possible.

I think that post was about using an IR sensor to find the charging station, not to supply the charge through IR.

If we can get a sunburn thru IR exposure, or cook food faster in an IR/microwave oven, then I suppose charging is possible. Probably not very efficient going from current/voltage to IR, and then back from IR to voltage/current.

I know that IR sensor will be used to reach the charging station but i write it wrong.I have make a floor cleaner robot but it does not use a vacuum (i was thinking i will use a pc turbine fan instead of vacuum).And please explain how a IR sensor will help robot to reach the charging station.

As a beacon I suppose? The station could emit a modulated signal and when the robot sees the signal it knows where the station is.

The robot i have made contain a Arduino UNO SMD,L298 motor driver,HC-SR04 Sensor,2 Pololu motor 6V ratio 30: 1 and a 6 volt lead acid battery.I want to which things i added to the robot that it support 2 12v turbine fan.

I know that robots use beaconing to find each other, probably could use the same idea to home to a charger.

It’s easy to code a modulated IR signal: you could make up a coding structure of off/on that the robot could look for.

The code below sends a pulse of 40kHz. For 38kHz you want the total time to be 26u, so experiment with the numbers, 9 and 9 should work. Best is to check it with a 'scope. Attribution: adafruit.

// to get a square wave
// based on some code at adafruit

byte wavePin = 2;

void setup()
  pinMode(wavePin, OUTPUT);
  doWave(500); //a 500us pulse of 38k on/off

void loop()
// just sent one in setup() to test


void doWave(long pulseLength)


  while (pulseLength > 0)
    // 40 kHz is 25u
    // asymmetric with 8 & 9, total 4+8+4+9 = 25
    digitalWrite(wavePin, HIGH);  // this takes about 4us
    digitalWrite(wavePin, LOW);   

    pulseLength -= 25;


40kHz.bmp (219 KB)

Thanks for the Stuff....And one last question : Suppose you are making the vacuum cleaner robot and the maximum range of budget is 150$ What will be yours suggestion of choosing material(From wire to microcontroller).And also explain me working of IR sensor as cliff sensor.

I’m not sure how a sensor would work as a cliff sensor: it would have to distinguish between a lack of signal because the surface is not reflecting and the fact that there is no surface, ie a cliff. Ultrasound might be better, measuring an actual difference.

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