Rocker switch button box pro micro

Hello I am trying to wire a 3 prong rocker switch to My pro micro I just do not know what pint to connect to on my pro micro in order for the led light to work

We need you to flesh out this a bit more.

Have you gone thru the examples that come with the IDE ?

I’m not sure what ypu mean by ide but here is the rocker switch that I am trying to use but I just don’t know where to wore the led pin from my rocker switch to my pro micro

The key part of that data is this:
Common to power, one side to load, other via the bulb/led to ground - perhaps.

[ hmm new website seems to have broken image posting for me… ]

What in not understanding is what is the gold pin and what pin do I connect to on my aurdino pro micro

Those switches are quite standard.

Are you sure the light is a LED .

Yes I am positive

If it ‘just’ has a LED, you will need to add a series resistor to the the switch.

Do you have a DMM ?

What do u mean by is it just a led I’m not sure about that all im using it for is to act as like a button in a sim game and I don’t know what ddm means

Do you have a DMM ?

A DMM is a digital multimeter.

If so, identify what the resistance readings are between terminals.

Identify the terminals for the anode/cathode of the internal LED.

This is a complete guess based on nothing:

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Just put the URL itself on a separate line.

However the particular URL you posted is mendaciously blocked from hyperlinking. Typical sociopathic website! :roll_eyes:

If you click on the “blocked” image you will of course see it.

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