Rocket multi-sensor measuring system.

Hi, my name is Antoine and I’m working on a embedded multi-sensor sytem powered by an Arduino Nano or Pro Trinket. The purpose of the sytem is to fusion data from multiple sensors in order to estimate the accelerations, speeds and positions of the rocket.

I currently have :
-An Arduino Nano and a Pro Trinket
-A SD card shield (DFRobots)
-An Adafruit Ultimate GPS shield
-A BMP183 SPI barometer and termometer (altimeter)
-A MPU 6050 6axis accelerometer (up to 16g)
-An ADXL377 high-g 3axis accelerometer (up to 200g) intended to measure during the propulsion stage that can cause accelerations up to 50g.

I want to scan all the sensors simultaneously (maybe the GPS at a lower speed) and write the datas on the SD card.

My first sketch is mainly based on examples and an old version of the sytem with a single MPU6050 : Old thread

It’s highly inefficient and too large for the card anyway.

I need your help to optimize the program and maybe give me tips on optimal functioning.

Here are the wirings on fritzing to make it clearer (the components aren’t identical, this is just to illustrate) :

And of course the code is as attachement (too big).

Thank you.

IMU_BL1_01.ino (13.4 KB)