RoHS, lead free solder. ANY good experiences ?

good morning,

last time when I ordered some soldering equipment I though why not switch to lead free solder. I got some SnAgCu alloy, which is supposed to be quite ok, but looking at the results… well it looks like some totally inept and talent-free guy did it :frowning:

All that looks bad was made with the lead-free stuff, the good looking spots are Sn60Pb40

Any good things about lead free solder ?

The fact that I had to shell out 20? for a 250g spool still makes me curse into my imaginary beard.

still makes me curse into my imaginary beard.

I’ve got a real beard and it makes me curse. Simply don’t use it there is no need either legally (unless you are selling products) or ethically (more lead in a car battery than you will ever use in several life times in electronics.

If you must persist then note that it needs higher soldering tip temperatures than the real stuff, make sure your iron can cope.

Ha, and I just thought that I soldered like a noob! Maybe it’s just the tin/silver solder I was using.

nono, this lead free stuff is just terrible !

it doesn’t wet properly, gets solid in strange ways. although my alloy is supposed to be almost eutectic (all parts of the alloy should get solid at the same temperature), it looks like well… POOP.
if you crank up your solder iron because of the about 40°C higher melting point, you easily lift pads and burn the flux.

I can’t imaging having to do some serious project with it, uaah.

Got me some extra flux today, still the lead-free solder won’t behave. Oxidization is way too quick, I guess it would only work if I had some inert gas soldering station. Who can afford such a thing.

money wasted, lesson learned.

That’s not even getting into the question of tin whiskers and other similar problems. The lead-free solders simply don’t work well. I’ll stick with leaded, thank you very much.