Roller Blind 443 mhz Libery or script for receiver.

I build roller blinds remote control mechanism using Arduino Nano, servo and 443 MHz receiver (WL101-341) and it work great. It uses two different protocols. One is RC switch and another is Home Easy.
When i push ON on remote it goes down until it stops on read switch, if i push OFF goes up until read switch. When I push OFF when blind is moving it stops but after this stop blind can only go down. So after I stop blind going up i need to go down to switch then go up all the way.

I started to look for 3 way remote "UP" "DOWN" "STOP" and i fund that tubular motors for blinds use on and is 433.92 MHz!!! But non protocols which i use can read this remote. So i start to look for Arduino script and only thing i found was Arduino remote (sender) but no receiver script.

I'm not programmer, I can only modify scripts for my needs, can someone help me find something that could work or at least what to look for? When i search for "Roller Blind remote 443" i fund blog which describe this "protocol" but script is not for Arduino and it is black magic for me.

Please help me find something which can read BF-301 remote

I try everything and i'm desperate for help.