ROM-Reader for Super Nintendo / Super Famicom Game Cartridges

I might have been mistaken about the flash ID. Can someone tell me how to know it ?

Thanks !

ST M29W640FT is "20ED".

If you look on the datasheet, the first page says that the Manufacturer Code is "0020" which is "20" in byte mode. The Device Code is "22ED" which is "ED" in byte mode.

Further in the datasheet on page 17, you can see the Manufacturer Code "20" and Device Code "ED" (in byte mode).

Thanks ! i couldn't find it by myself :confused:

However the chip is not detected. Here is what I get when selectig each menu :

  • LoRom : 0680
  • HiRom : 83EE
  • ExLorom : 2221
  • ExHirom : C2220

If you have any idea...

What does "ID Flashrom" tell you?

Well I wrote up there the codes I get when trying to flash the board (flasrom option)
Which number are you referring to and how can I get it ?

Sorry, I was looking at the FLASH.ino menu options.

The setup_Flash8() and/or id_Flash8() is clearly not working.

Need to do more testing to isolate the problem.

Dump the ROM and compare the first two bytes to the list. See if the bytes match one of the entries. This only confirms that the flash isn't receiving the flash command.

Ok, despite the system told me header was corrupt and checksum failed after dump, the first 2 bytes are C220, which is the code I get with the 'ExHirom' flash option (and the one I tried to insert into the source code, which made the chip to be detected but not flashed (stuck after 1 second)).

Do you have pictures of the PCB?

Some component(s) might be altering the timing and preventing the flash commands from working properly.

I encountered timing issues with certain repro N64 boards in the past.

Sure ! Seems like a classic Hirom board to me :confused:

Did you make this picture before you soldered the WE connection or did you not connect WE?
Have you checked that WE (long pad on left edge) is not connected to VCC? You have to cut a trace on some PCBs.


Thanks sanni!

I now have added a short rom dump screen after the unknown flashrom message.
If it displays the same as the first 40 bytes of the SNES rom the WE connection is missing.


Hopefully not too many collisions between Flash IDs and ROM data.

Yep, did that on an other board. As I said, I was able to go to the flash menu with C220 code but it stalled witht the first byte :frowning:

I MIGHT know why this is happening. Give me a day or two to get to it. I found odd wiring on my repro after sannis instructions didn't work.

I couldn't write to it before and I might be able to now.

If you're not getting the correct Flash ID, then nothing will happen as the flash commands are not being recognized by the chip.

Well, that's strange.... Maybe I'm just unable to rewrite the code, despite the fact I've triple checked what I made. Can someone write it and send it to me so I can test again ?

See next post.

You can try the 7.4 code changes I made today and take a picture of the 40 byte dump screen after the ID error. It should make it more clear whether the flashrom is reacting to flash commands.

Flashrom ID command successful, c2 c9 repeated multiple times:

Not successful and thus displaying ROM data, looks more random:

Sanni, can you edit page Reflashing NP carts · sanni/cartreader Wiki · GitHub

Please remove the info about bug. I added hi/lorom dialogue to source code as long as uploaded recompiled and updated version of binary.