Romeo-All in one Arduino

Romeo is especially designed for robotics. With great IO expandability and integrated 2 DC motor drivers, it will be the ideal introductory board for robot hobbies.

  • MUC-Atmega168-20AU
  • 14 channel digital input and output
  • 8 channel analog input and output
  • L298D moto driver , support two way 6-12V (upto 2A current each way) DC moto drivers
  • Compitable with offical arduino shield
  • 5 I2C pin sets
  • 6 PWM channels

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Not bad looking, I like the idea of an integrated motor controller, though I'd want something that can handle low voltage higher current motors. I'd like to see an LCD header since it mkaes debugging a robot so much easier and looks cool on the finished bot. Why not throw on an ATmega1280 since it now has official support and by the time you add an LCD and a few sensors the 168 is running out of IO.

If you have an AVR-ISP or equivalent, looks very good too, it's a smaller form factor and has the LCD as well as a low voltage motor controller, but doesn't have the FTDI chip.

My solution to IO shortage is using Dual core.

I have a Nano which talks to all sensors such as Infrared, bumpers and ultrasonic.

And use this as the master for hardware level. These two arduino are communicating via I2C.

So, no problem for IO shortage.

For LCD, simply put a LCD shield on!

Are these for sale?


Yes. Definitly for sale.

From where?

It should be sold at within next two weeks. I will let you know once it is available.

Any plans to upgrade it with a 328 chip? The 168 seems pretty dated these days.


An IO expander or second MCU makes the hardware and software that much more cumbersome. If it's needed that's fine, but with the 1280 out there I don't see the need. Lefty makes a good point about the 328 too, I'm kind of surprised to see a new design around the 168.

The board plus LCD module looks fine for prototyping but awfully asymetric and clunky for a finished bot. And that's going to raise the price. I'd like to see at least some advantage over the oranguan module, which is $60 with the LCD+buttons and low (or high, your choice) voltage motor drivers. I'd imagine this board with the LCD shield will cost at least that much.

Have to agree with Oracle. But this stuff is actually designed for our HCR mobile robot platform.

The price tag for this board is around $35. Plus a LCD shield which cost $15.

If people interesting in 1280 version, it will be no problem at all to make one of that with plenty of I/O and more memory.

Thats pretty impressive for $35. Although I do think if youre going for an everything in one design you might as well throw the kitchen sink at it.

Oh and the 328 doesnt look to be widely available in SMT until some time this summer....


Sure, have to avoid the kitchen stuff. The idea behind this design is just for 2 motor drivers and a easy way to connect stuff.

in, it still not avialable in stock, and in , i don't understand anythings... :-/

Finally, they are in stock. Please check the link:

Snazzy! The price isn't bad- converts to $44 USD.

re: the analog output listed in the specs:

  • 8 channel analog input and output

Do you have a schematic anywhere? I ask because I'm assuming that the analog output comes by way of a DAC of some sort, and I'm curious what you used. Thanks!

It uses Atmega168-20U which is the same chip used in Arduino Nano. And this gives Romeo 8 channel anualog input.

A new version uses Atmega 328P has just been released. The retail price will be 50 USD.

Please check for the latest stock information.

Check out the manual for this board.

That looks great. Does the one in stock on this page priced at £26 come with the Atmega 328?